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Invisible doors

Modern design solutions require non-standard approach to the decision of the Assembly of door openings. Design without frames, interesting textured design on the wall and the canvas solves the hidden design of the box. Such a solution allows to ensure the visual integrity of the space and designs of the canvas and realize the originality in decorating.

Невидимые двери
  1. Door leaf Secret (c a primer layer) with a frame under the hardware (hinges, lock)
  2. Boxed timber with a Secret box under the hardware (hinges,counter bar) (2,5 PC.)
  3. Hinges the flush fitting.
  4. Mortise magnetic latch / lock striking plates
  5. Mounting kit for the installation of doors SK-1

Boxed beam SECRET beam aluminum on the P-40

  • Category: Telescope aluminum profile
  • Coating type: PVC veneer, PVC, Ultrason
  • Material: Aluminium, MDF
  • Width: 74 mm
  • Thickness: 40 mm
  • Length: 2100/2500 mm standard
Невидимые двери
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